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Dance & Art Classes

Research has shown that children who participate in dance activities from young has exhibited better learning abilities in all other areas when compare to other children.

Early dance education is based on the special physiological and psychological characteristics of young children and has infused moral, intellectual, physical appreciative and diligence education into our various dance activities.

At Yu Der Chinese Dance Group, children will undergo the Chinese Dance Basic Training Course which is recognised by the Singapore Chinese Dance Artistc Association.

Chinese Dance Performance

Chinese Dance Class

The course comprises of 3 elementary grades and 4 intermediate grades. At the end of each grade, children are required to pass an exam before moving onto the next grade. To recognise their hard work and achievement, certificates will be issued by the Singapore Chinese Dance Artistic Association.

The main objectives of this course is to raise the standards of Children Chinese Dance, to promote the art of Chinese Dance to the general public and to strenghten the quality of children's artistic cultural development.

Time: Every Saturday


We also hold Art Classes every Wednesday, and Art & Craft Classes every Saturday.


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